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Incredible 1969 Topps Find W/ 12 Aarons, 10 Clementes, and 7 Benches

Check out this amazing collection of 1969 Topps baseball cards we recently purchased! The collection contained ~1000 cards in total, highlighted by 12 Hank Aarons, 10 Roberto Clementes, 7 Johnny Benches, and 3 Nolan Ryan cards! Majority of the cards were in immaculate condition! The original owner's family owned a convenient store which sold cards. At the end of the season his parents would give him all the unopened boxes that hadn't sold. He opened them all up in 1969 and placed them in a box. The cards sat that way until the mid 1980's, when he rediscovered them and placed each card in a plastic sleeve.

1969 Topps Series

As with most vintage sets from Topps, the cards were released in series throughout the season to keep kids interested in cards and continue buying packs to complete their sets. 1969 contained 7 different series. Interestingly it appears all the cards from the collection are from series 1 and series 6.

Series 1: 1-109

Series 2: 110-218

Series 3: 219-327

Series 4: 328-425

Series 5: 426-512

Series 6: 513-588

Series 7: 589-664

Series 1 was heavy on hall of famers, as it featured Ernie Banks (#20), Joe Morgan (#35), Roberto Clemente (#50), Luis Aparicio (#75), Lou Brock (#85), Johnny Bench (#95), and Hank Aaron (#100). It is obvious most of this collection was obtained through series 1 packs, given that the huge amount of duplication of the players mentioned. Series 6 was also present, as this series contains Earl Weaver (#516), Nolan Ryan (#533), Willie Stargell (#545), Brooks Robinson (#550), Hoyt Wilhelm (#565), and Jim Palmer (#573). Cards of these players were present but not in the same quantities and the others.

1969 Topps Set Review

For 1969, Topps beat their record for set size, this time putting out 664 different cards.  This year Topps went with more of a traditional design, with photographs taking up most of the front of the card and a crisp white border around it.  The team name stayed as large block letters.  The players name and position were placed in a colorful circle.  The backs the cards really stand out, as they are a peach/slamon color.  The stats and biography pop with a white background.  The set is loaded with Hall of Famers and produced the rookie card of Reggie Jackson.  For Subsets, "League Leaders", "World Series Highlights", and "Sporting News All-Stars" were included.  Many cards have variations with the players first and last name; they were printed in yellow and white.  White is much rarer, and can command a large premium.  1969 Topps also included two inserts- Decals and Deckle Edge.  Of Note, 1969 contained the first cards of 4 new expansion teams; the Montreal Expos, Kansas City Royals, San Diego Padres, and Seattle Pilots.  

1969 Topps White Letter Variation Checklist

All white letter variation were from series 5 (#426-512)

440 Willie McCovey (last name in white)

441 Dennis Higgins (last name in white)

444 Joe Moeller (last name in white)

447 Ralph Houk (last name in white)

451 Rich Rollins (first name in white)

452 Al Ferrera (first name in white)

454 Phillies Rookies (names in white)

461 Mike Epstein (last name in white)

464 Dave Marshall (last name in white)

468 Pirates Rookies (names in white)

470 Mel Stottlemyre (last name in white)

471 Ted Savage (last name in white)

473 Jose Arcia (first name in white)

476 Red Sox Rookies (names in white)

482 Jim Gosger (first name in white)

485 Gaylord Perry (last name in white)

486 Paul Casanova (last name in white)

491 Twins Rookies (names in white)

493 Wes Parker (last name in white)

500 Mickey Mantle (last name in white)

501 Tony Gonzalez (first name in white)

505 Bobby Bolin (last name in white)

511 Diego Segui (first name in white)

Do you have some 1900-1969 vintage baseball cards you are looking to sell? Reach out to us today!



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