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Interested in Selling Your Vintage Baseball Cards? Here is How And Where 


"Where do I sell my baseball card collection? How do I sell my sports cards? Who buys baseball cards? What is my collection worth?"

These are questions our clients regularly ask us. And we can help answer them! 


Throwback Sports Cards has been buying 1900-1969 baseball cards including full collections, complete sets, hall of famers, rookies, and unopened boxes for over 20 years.  We provide free appraisals and are here to answer any questions regarding the selling process you may have.  We evaluate each card in your collection to ensure you maximize value. Before selling, it is best to do some research regarding your collection. This way you have a better idea what is there and we can better estimate value.  See below for a few tips on how to prepare and sell your collection.


Contact Us

Do you have questions about the value of your baseball card collection or the selling process? Reach out today and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Canton, Michigan 48188

(734) 931-0461

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Process for Selling Your Sports Card Collection


Research Your Cards

Important Info About Your Cards

**Not all this information is required for an appraisal. It helps us get a better idea of what you have. For more information about how to identify the brand, year, and players, click below

Check out our Price Guide and Baseball Card Database for help figuring out what you have


Contact Us & Show Your Collection

Unable to find information about your cards? No problem! Pictures can be just as helpful.  If possible, please send pictures of key cards including hall of famers, rookies, etc. Options for contact include:

Call or Text

(734) 931-0461


Appraisal Form

Schedule Visit

Call today to schedule an appointment for us to view and evaluate your collection


Free Appraisal, Offer, And Payment

Our expert with over 20 years of experience will review your collection.  This includes looking for complete sets, key Hall of Famers, rookies, short prints, etc.  Each card is inspected to help you maximize value.  After some research, an appraisal and formal offer will be provided.  Values are determined by a variety of sources included price guides, recent auctions, and eBay. Upon acceptance of our offer, payment will be promptly made.  We strive to make payment quick and hassle free.  No one in the hobby pays more!

Ways To Sell Your Collection

Send Pictures

We Travel to You

Schedule Appointment 

Ship Your Collection

The easiest way for us to  evaluate your collection is to email or text photographs of your collection

Sometimes collections can be too difficult to travel with due to size, value, or fragility.  We make things easy and regularly travel to clients to review collections in person

If you would like an appraisal and are in the metro Detroit area, call to schedule a time to meet us in Canton, Michigan

For clients who aren't local and meeting in person isn't an option, we suggest shipping your collection to us.  Shipping is on us and we handle your collection as if it were our own

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