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1930s Goudey Stash: Ruth, Gehrig, Greenberg, and DiMaggio

Updated: Jan 15

An older gentleman reached out to us stating he was looking to sell "a few" older cards. As I walked into his home I was completely blown away. Sitting on his coffee table were stacks of 1930s cards! One large stack of 33 goudeys, another of 34 goudeys, another large stack of 34-36 diamond stars. Smaller stacks of 35 4 in 1 goudeys, as well as some 38 goudeys. Hundreds in all! Major highlights included a 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig, 4 (!) 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrigs, 3 1935 Goudey Babe Ruths, 3 Jimmie Foxxs, 1934 Hank Greenberg rookie, 1938 Goudey Dimaggio rookie, as well as countless other hall of famers. It was a true honor to be able to purchase this collection.



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