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1909 Ramly Cigarettes T204 Guide

Set Description 

In 1909, Ramly and T.T.T. Turkish tobacco cigarettes released 121 of the most ornate sets ever produced. The front of the cards present the player in a black and white portrait.  The image is framed by a gold embossed frame. The players last name, position, and team appear below the image.  Backs of the cards contain an advertisement for either Ramly or T.T.T. though the Ramly brand is far more common.  The set is not numbered so the checklist is listed alphabetically. Cards from the set are extremely rare and valuable, with Walter Johnson being the most desired.  The majority of the images are have a circular frame around them but there are several with a square frame.

Set Information

Manufacturer: Ramly and T.T.T. brand Turkish cigarettes

Year: 1909

Cards in Set: 121

Card Size: 2" x 2-1/2"


  • Series 1: 1-121


  • The T204 set is highly condition sensitive, as the gold border easily chip.

  • Square border variations are extremely tough to find and typically go for thousands.

Errors and Variations

  • John Anderson (photo in square frame)

  • Frank C. Bancroft (photo in square frame)

  • William Bransfield (photo in square frame)

  • Jesse Burkett (photo in square frame)

  • William Dineen (photo in square frame)

  • George Howard (photo in square frame)

  • Pat Moran (photo in square frame)


  • None

Key Cards/Hall of Famers

  • Walter Johnson

  • Eddie Plank

  • Eddie Collins

  • Willie Keeler

  • Frank Chance

  • Clarke Griffith

  • Chief Bender

  • Roger Bresnahan

  • Johnny Evers

  • Miller Huggins

t204 Walter Johnson.jpeg

1909 Ramly T204 Baseball Checklist

Whitey Alperman
John Anderson
Jimmy Archer
Frank Arellanes
Jim Ball
Neal Ball
Frank C. Bancroft
Johnny Bates
Fred Beebe
George Bell
Chief Bender
Walter Blair
Cliff Blankenship
Frank Bowerman
Wm. Bransfield
Roger Bresnahan
Al Bridwell
Mordicai Brown
Fred Burchell
Jesse C. Burkett
Bobby Byrne
Bill Carrigan
Frank Chance
Charlie Chech
Ed Cicotte
Otis Clymer
Andy Coakley
Ed Collins
Jimmy Collins
Wid Conroy
Jack Coombs
Doc Crandall
Lou Criger
Harry Davis
Art Devlin
Wm. H. Dinneen
Pat Donahue
Mike Donlin
Wild Bill Donovan
Gus Dorner
Joe Dunn
Kid Elberfeld
Johnny Evers
Bob Ewing
Cecil Ferguson
Hobe Ferris
Jerry Freeman
Art Fromme
Bob Ganley
Doc Gessler
Peaches Graham
Clark Griffith
Roy Hartzell
Charlie Hemphill
Dick Hoblitzel
Geo. Howard
Harry Howell
Miller Huggins
John Hummel
Walter Johnson
Thomas Jones

Mike Kahoe
Ed Kargar
Wee Willie Keeler
Red Kleinow
Jack Knight
Ed Konetchey
Vive Lindaman
Hans Lobert
Harry Lord
Harry Lumley
Johnny Lush
Rube Manning
Jimmy McAleer
Amby McConnell
Moose McCormick
Harry McIntyre
Larry McLean
Fred Merkle
Clyde Milan
Mike Mitchell
P. J. Moran
Cy Morgan
T. H. Murnane
Danny Murphy
Red Murray
Doc Newton
Simon Nicholls
Harry Niles
Bill O'Hara
Charley O'Leary
Dode Paskert
Barney Pelty
Jake Pfeister
Ed Plank
Jack Powell
Bugs Raymond
Tom Reilly
Claude Ritchey
Nap Rucker
Ed Reulbach
Slim Sallee
Germany Schaefer
Jimmy Sheckard
Admiral Schlei
Wildfire Schulte
Jimmy Sebring
Bill Shipke
Charlie Smith
Tubby Spencer
Jake Stahl
Jim Stephens
Harry Steinfeldt
Gabby Street
Bill Sweeney
Fred Tenney
Ira Thomas
Joe Tinker
Bob Unglaub
Heinie Wagner
Bobby Wallace

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