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About Us

Throwback Sports Cards is a private collecting company which specializes in purchasing vintage sports cards.  This includes full collections, complete sets, hall of famers, rookies, and unopened boxes.  We have been collecting and buying baseball, football, basketball, and hockey cards for over 20 years.  This company was started to connect with sellers in order to grow my collection.  Since we are not buying to resell, we are able to pay more than most other card shops.

Our goal is to make sure each person who contacts us feels comfortable knowing they are getting a fair offer and has a positive experience selling their collection.  It is our promise to treat you and your collection with honesty and respect.  We are proud of our reputation in the hobby and strive to provide excellent service. 

This is a hobby that I originally started when I was younger, ripping packs and going to shows with my father. After flipping through his childhood collection, I developed an interest for vintage cards.  That interest has evolved into a passion.  Connecting with fellow collectors and learning about the journeys the cards took to get into their possession always amazes me. There is still nothing more thrilling than flipping through a new collection!

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