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1909-11 White Border T206 Guide

Set Description 

The T206 white border tobacco card set is one of the most important and popular sets of all time.  From 1909 through 1911 the American Tobacco Company released 524 different cards, each measuring 1-7/16" x 2-5/8" (considerably smaller than todays standard size cards).  The smaller card size was done so they would fit nicely inside packs on tobacco.   T206 is known as "The Monster" as it can be a difficult task to complete the entire set. Each card contains full color lithographs featuring either an action shot or portrait pose.  Below the image is the players last name followed by the city where they played.  There are 76 Hall of Famers featured including Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, and Eddie Plank just to name a few.  Backs of cards contain 1 of 16 different possible advertisement backs. Some ads are extremely rare and can command huge premiums compared to common ad backs.  The full list is included below, but the most commons ads are Piedmont and Sweet Caporal.  Although the whole set contains 524 different cards, there are actually thousands of possibilities when factoring different player/ad back combos.  The set has 390 cards of major leaguers (76 Hall of Famers) and 134 minor leaguers.  Cards featuring minor league players from the "Southern League" are rarer and carry a premium.  Although there are 524 different cards, there are not 524 different players.  Many players were presented on multiple cards.  For example, Ty Cobb has 4 different poses.  The T206 set contains the holy grail of collecting- the Honus Wagner card.  This card has ~50 known copies and most sell for close to $1 millions or more.  An SGC 3 sold for $6.6 million in 2021.  The reason the card is so rare is due to the fact that Wagner demanded production of his cards be stopped, as he had not given consent.  Folklore says he did this because he didn't want his likeness associated with tobacco, but many experts think it was because he wasn't being paid. The set is also known for a few other printing errors and rarities.  The Eddie Plank card is similarly rare and can be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on condition.  Other noteworthy errors and variations include Ray Demmitt, Sherry Magee, Bill O'Hara, and Joe Doyle.

Set Information

Back Advertisement Rarity

Manufacturer: American Tobacco Company

Year: 1909-11

Cards in Set: 524

Card Size: 1-7/16" x 2-5/8"


  • Most collectors consider 520 cards a complete set, as the Wagner, Plank, Doyle, and Magee cards are not attainable for most.

  • Piedmont (most common)

  • Sweet Caporal

  • Old Mill

  • Polar Bear

  • Sovereign

  • El Principe De Gales

  • American Beauty

  • Cycle

  • Tolstoi

  • Hindu

  • Broad Leaf

  • Carolina Brights

  • Lenox

  • Drum

  • Uzit

  • Ty Cobb (least common)

Errors and Variations

  • Ray Demmitt (St. Louis)

  • Sherry Magee (shown as Magie)

  • Bill O’Hara (St. Louis)

  • Joe Doyle (N.Y. Nat’l)

Complete List of Hall of Famers

  • Home Run Baker

  • Jake Beckley

  • Chief Bender (3 cards) (Pitching-trees in background, Pitching-no trees, Portrait)

  • Roger Bresnahan (2 cards) (Portrait, With Bat)

  • Mordecai Brown (3 cards) (Chicago on Shirt, Cubs on shirt, Portrait)

  • Frank Chance (3 cards) (Batting, Portrait red background, Portrait yellow background)

  • Jack Chesbro

  • Ford Clarke (2 cards) (Holding bat, Portrait)

  • Ty Cobb (4 cards) (Portrait-red background, Portrait-green background, Bat on shoulder, Bat off shoulder)

  • Eddie Collins

  • Jimmy Collins

  • Sam Crawford (2 cards) (Throwing, With bat)

  • George Davis

  • Hugh Duffy

  • Johnny Evers (3 cards) (Portrait, With bat-Chicago shirt, With bat-Cubs shirt)

  • Elmer Flick

  • Clarke Griffith (2 cards) (Batting, Portrait)

  • Miller Huggins (2 cards) (Hand at mouth, Portrait)

  • Hughie Jennings (3 cards) (One hand showing, Both hands showing, Portrait)

  • Walter Johnson (2 cards) (Pitching, Portrait)

  • Addie Joss (2 cards) (Pitching, Portrait)

  • Willie Keeler (2 cards) (Portrait, Batting)

  • Joe Kelley

  • Nap Lajoie (3 cards) (Portrait, Throwing, With bat)

  • Rube Marquard (3 cards) (Hands at thigh, Pitching through, Portrait)

  • Christy Mathewson (3 cards) (Dark cap, White cap, Portrait)

  • Joe McGinnity 

  • John McGraw (4 cards) (Finger in air, Glove at hip, Portrait no cap, Portrait with cap)

  • Eddie Plank

  • Tris Speaker

  • Joe Tinker (4 cards) (Bat of shoulder, Bat on shoulder, Hands on knees, Portrait)

  • Rube Waddell (2 cards) (Portrait, Throwing)

  • Honus Wagner

  • Bobby Wallace

  • Ed Walsh

  • Zach Wheat

  • Vic Willis (3 cards) (Pittsburgh, Throwing, With bat)

  • Cy Young (3 cards) (Glove shows, Bare hand, Portrait)


  • Major League players (389)

  • Minor League players (134)

    • Southern Leaguers​ (48)

    • Non Southern Leaguers (86)


1909-11 White Border T206 Baseball Checklist

Ed Abbaticchio - Blue Sleeves
Ed Abbaticchio - Brown Sleeves
Fred Abbott
Bill Abstein
Doc Adkins
Whitey Alperman
Red Ames - Hands At Chest
Red Ames - Hands Above Head
Red Ames - Portrait
John Anderson
Frank Arellanes
Herman Armbruster
Harry Arndt
Jake Atz
Home Run Baker
Neal Ball - New York
Neal Ball - Cleveland
Jap Barbeau
Cy Barger
Jack Barry - Philadelphia
Shad Barry - Milwaukee
Jack Bastian
Emil Batch
Johnny Bates
Harry Bay
Ginger Beaumont
Fred Beck
Beals Becker
Jake Beckley
George Bell - Hands Above Head
George Bell - Pitching Follow Thru
Chief Bender - Pitching, No Trees In Background
Chief Bender - Pitching, Trees In Background
Chief Bender - Portrait
Bill Bergen - Batting
Bill Bergen - Catching
Heinie Berger
Bill Bernhard
Bob Bescher - Hands In Air
Bob Bescher - Portrait
Joe Birmingham
Lena Blackburne
Jack Bliss
Frank Bowerman
Bill Bradley - Portrait
Bill Bradley - With Bat
Dave Brain
Kitty Bransfield
Roy Brashear
Ted Breitenstein
Roger Bresnahan - Portrait
Roger Bresnahan - With Bat
Al Bridwell - No Cap
Al Bridwell - With Cap
George Brown - Chicago
George Brown - Washington
Mordecai Brown - "Chicago" On Shirt
Mordecai Brown - "Cubs" On Shirt
Mordecai Brown - Portrait
Al Burch - Batting
Al Burch - Fielding
Fred Burchell
Jimmy Burke
Bill Burns
Donie Bush
John Butler
Bobby Byrne
Howie Camnitz - Arm At Side
Howie Camnitz - Arms Folded
Howie Camnitz - Hands Above Head
Billy Campbell
Scoops Carey
Charley Carr
Bill Carrigan
Doc Casey
Peter Cassidy
Frank Chance - Batting
Frank Chance - Portrait, Red Background
Frank Chance - Portrait, Yellow Background
Bill Chappelle
Chappie Charles
Hal Chase - Holding Trophy
Hal Chase - Portrait, Blue Background
Hal Chase - Portrait, Pink Background
Hal Chase - Throwing, Dark Cap
Hal Chase - Throwing, White Cap
Jack Chesbro
Ed Cicotte
Bill Clancy - Clancey
Josh Clark - Columbus
Fred Clarke - Pittsburgh, Holding Bat
Fred Clarke - Pittsburgh, Portrait
J.J. Clarke - Cleveland
Bill Clymer
Ty Cobb - Portrait, Green Background
Ty Cobb - Portrait, Red Background
Ty Cobb - Portrait, Red Background w/ Ty Cobb Back
Ty Cobb - Bat Off Shoulder
Ty Cobb - Bat On Shoulder
Cad Coles
Eddie Collins - Philadelphia
Jimmy Collins - Minneapolis
Bunk Congalton
Wid Conroy - Fielding
Wid Conroy - With Bat
Harry Covaleski - Coveleski
Doc Crandall - No Cap
Doc Crandall - With Cap
Bill Cranston
Gavvy Cravath
Sam Crawford - Throwing
Sam Crawford - With Bat
Birdie Cree
Lou Criger
Dode Criss
Monte Cross
Bill Dahlen - Boston
Bill Dahlen - Brooklyn
Paul Davidson
George Davis - Chicago
Harry Davis - Davis On Front
Harry Davis - H. Davis On Front
Frank Delehanty - Louisville
Jim Delehanty - Washington
Ray Demmitt - New York
Ray Demmitt - St. Louis
Rube Dessau
Art Devlin
Josh Devore
Bill Dineen
Mike Donlin - Fielding
Mike Donlin - Seated
Mike Donlin - With Bat
Jiggs Donohue - Donahue
Wild Bill Donovan - Portrait
Wild Bill Donovan - Throwing
Red Dooin
Mickey Doolan - Batting
Mickey Doolan - Fielding
Mickey Doolin - Doolan
Gus Dorner
Patsy Dougherty - Arm In Air
Patsy Dougherty - Portrait
Tom Downey - Batting
Tom Downey - Fielding
Jerry Downs
Joe Doyle - "NY Nat'l" w/ Hands Above Head
Joe Doyle - "NY" w/ Hands Above Head
Larry Doyle - Portrait
Larry Doyle - Throwing
Larry Doyle - With Bat
Jean Dubuc
Hugh Duffy
Jack Dunn - Baltimore
Joe Dunn - Brooklyn
Bull Durham
Jimmy Dygert
Ted Easterly
Dick Egan
Kid Elberfeld - New York
Kid Elberfeld - Washington, Fielding
Kid Elberfeld - Washington, Potrait
Roy Ellam
Clyde Engle
Steve Evans
Johnny Evers - Portrait
Johnny Evers - "Cubs" On Shirt, w/ Bat
Johnny Evers - "Chicago" On Shirt, w/ Bat
Bob Ewing
Cecil Ferguson
Hobe Ferris
Lou Fiene - Portrait
Lou Fiene - Throwing
Steamer Flanagan
Art Fletcher
Elmer Flick
Russ Ford
Ed Foster
Jerry Freeman
John Frill
Charlie Fritz
Art Fromme
Chick Gandil
Bob Ganley
John Ganzel
Harry Gasper
Rube Geyer
George Gibson
Billy Gilbert
Wilbur Goode
Bill Graham - St. Louis
Peaches Graham - Boston
Dolly Gray
Ed Greminger
Clark Griffith - Batting
Clark Griffith - Portrait
Moose Grimshaw
Bob Groom
Tom Guiheen
Ed Hahn
Bob Hall
Bill Hallman
Jack Hannifan - Hannifin
Bill Hart - Little Rock
Jimmy Hart - Montgomery
Topsy Hartsel
Jack Hayden
J. Ross Helm
Charlie Hemphill
Buck Herzog - Boston
Buck Herzog - New York
Gordon Hickman
Bill Hinchman - Cleveland
Harry Hinchman - Toledo
Dick Hoblitzell
Danny Hoffman - St. Louis
Izzy Hoffman - Providence
Solly Hofman
Bock Hooker
Del Howard - Chicago
Ernie Howard - Savannah
Harry Howell - Hand At Waist
Harry Howell - Portrait
Miller Huggins - Hand At Mouth
Miller Huggins - Portrait
Rudy Hulswitt
John Hummel
George Hunter
Frank Isbell
Fred Jacklitsch
Jimmy Jackson
Hughie Jennings - One Hand Showing
Hughie Jennings - Both Hands Showing
Hughie Jennings - Portrait
Walter Johnson - Pitching
Walter Johnson - Portrait
Fielder Jones - Hands At Hip
Fielder Jones - Portrait
Davy Jones - Detroit
Tom Jones - St Louis
Dutch Jordan - Atlanta
Tim Jordan - Brooklyn, Batting
Tim Jordan - Brooklyn, Portrait
Addie Joss - Pitching
Addie Joss - Portrait
Ed Karger
Willie Keeler - Portrait
Willie Keeler - Batting
Joe Kelley
J.F. Kiernan
Ed Killian - Pitching
Ed Killian - Portrait
Frank King
Rube Kisinger - Kissinger
Red Kleinow - Boston
Red Kleinow - New York, Catching
Red Kleinow - New York, w/ Bat
Johnny Kling
Otto Knabe
Jack Knight - Portrait
Jack Knight - With Bat
Ed Konetchy - Glove Above Head
Ed Konetchy - Glove Near Ground

Harry Krause - Pitching
Harry Krause - Portrait
Rube Kroh
Otto Kruger - Krueger
James Lafitte
Nap Lajoie - Portrait
Nap Lajoie - Throwing
Nap Lajoie - With Bat
Joe Lake - New York
Joe Lake - New York
Joe Lake - St. Louis, No Ball In Hand
Frank LaPorte
Arlie Latham
Bill Lattimore
Jimmy Lavender
Tommy Leach - Bending Over
Tommy Leach - Portrait
Lefty Leifield - Batting
Lefty Leifield - Pitching
Ed Lennox
Harry Lentz - Sentz
Glenn Liebhardt
Vive Lindaman
Perry Lipe
Paddy Livingstone - Livingston
Hans Lobert
Harry Lord
Harry Lumley
Carl Lundgren - Chicago
Carl Lundgren - Kansas City
Nick Maddox
Sherry Magie - Magee
Sherry Magie - Portrait
Sherry Magee - With Bat
Bill Malarkey
Billy Maloney
George Manion
Rube Manning - Batting
Rube Manning - Pitching
Rube Marquard - Hands At Thighs
Rube Marquard - Pitching Follow Through
Rube Marquard - Portrait
Doc Marshall
Christy Mathewson - Dark Cap
Christy Mathewson - Portrait
Christy Mathewson - White Cap
Al Mattern
John McAleese
George McBride
Pat McCauley
Moose McCormick
Pryor McElveen
Dan McGann
Jim McGinley
Iron Man McGinnity
Stoney McGlynn
John McGraw - Finger In Air
John McGraw - Glove At Hip
John McGraw - Portrait No Cap
John McGraw - Portrait With Cap
Harry McIntyre - Brooklyn
Harry McIntyre - Brooklyn & Chicago
Matty McIntyre - Detriot
Larry McLean
George McQuillan - Ball In Hand
George McQuillan - With Bat
Fred Merkle - Portrait
Fred Merkle - Throwing
George Merritt
Chief Meyers
Clyde Milan
Dots Miller - Pittsburgh
Molly Miller - Dallas
Bill Milligan
Fred Mitchell - Toronto
Mike Mitchell - Cincinnati
Dan Moeller
Carlton Molesworth
Herbie Moran - Providence
Pat Moran - Chicago
George Moriarty
Mike Mowrey
Dom Mullaney
George Mullen - Mullin
George Mullin - Throwing
George Mullin - With Bat
Danny Murphy - Batting
Danny Murphy - Throwing
Red Murray - Batting
Red Murray - Portrait
Chief Myers -  Batting
Chief Myers - Fielding
Billy Nattress
Tom Needham
Simon Nicholls - Hands On Knees
Simon Nichols - Batting
Harry Niles
Rebel Oakes
Frank Oberlin
Peter O'Brien
Bill O'Hara - New York
Bill O'Hara - St. Louis
Rube Oldring - Batting
Rube Oldring - Fielding
Charles O'Leary - Hands On Knees
Charles O'Leary - Portrait
William O'Neal
Al Orth
William Otey
Orval Overall - Hand Face Level
Orval Overall - Hands At Waist Level
Orval Overall - Portrait
Frank Owen
George Paige
Fred Parent
Dode Paskert
Jim Pastorius
Harry Pattee
Billy Payne
Barney Pelty - Horizontal Photo
Barney Pelty - Vertical Photo
Hub Perdue
George Perring
Arch Persons
Francis Pfeffer
Jake Pfeister -  Seated
Jake Pfeister - Throwing
Jimmy Phelan
Eddie Phelps
Deacon Phillippe
Ollie Pickering
Eddie Plank
Phil Poland
Jack Powell
Mike Powers
Billy Purtell
Ambrose Puttman - Puttmann
Lee Quillen - Quillin
Jack Quinn
Newt Randall
Bugs Raymond
Ed Reagan
Ed Reulbach - Glove Showing
Ed Reulbach - No Glove Showing
Dutch Revelle
Bob Rhoades - Hand At Chest
Bob Rhoades - Right Arm Extended
Charlie Rhodes
Claude Ritchey
Lou Ritter
Ike Rockenfeld
Claude Rossman
Nap Rucker - Portrait
Nap Rucker - Throwing
Dick Rudolph
Ray Ryan
Germany Schaefer - Detroit
Germany Schaefer - Washington
George Schirm
Larry Schlafly
Admiral Schlei - Batting
Admiral Schlei - Catching
Admiral Schlei - Portrait
Boss Schmidt - Portrait
Boss Schmidt - Throwing
Ossee Schreck - Schreckengost
Wildfire Schulte - Front View
Wildfire Schulte - Back View
Jim Scott
Charles Seitz
Cy Seymour - Batting
Cy Seymour - Portrait
Cy Seymour - Throwing
Spike Shannon
Bud Sharpe
Shag Shaughnessy
Al Shaw - St Louis
Hunky Shaw - Providence
Jimmy Sheckard - Glove Showing
Jimmy Sheckard - No Glove Showing
Bill Shipke
Jimmy Slagle
Carlos Smith - Shreveport
Frank Smith - Chicago, F. Smith On Front
Frank Smith - Chicago, White Cap
Frank Smith - Chicago & Boston
Happy Smith - Brooklyn
Heinie Smith - Buffalo
Sid Smith - Atlanta
Fred Snodgrass - Batting
Fred Snodgrass - Catching
Bob Spade
Tris Speaker
Tubby Spencer
Jake Stahl - Glove Shows
Jake Stahl - No Glove Shows
Oscar Stanage
Dolly Stark
Charlie Starr
Harry Steinfeldt - Portrait
Harry Steinfeldt - With Bat
Jim Stephens
George Stone
George Stovall - Batting
George Stovall - Portrait
Sam Strang
Gabby Street - Catching
Gabby Street - Portrait
Billy Sullivan
Ed Summers
Bill Sweeney - Boston
Jeff Sweeney - New York
Jesse Tannehill - Washington
Lee Tannehill - L. Tannehill On Front
Lee Tannehill - Tannehill On Front
Dummy Taylor
Fred Tenney
Tony Thebo
Jake Thielman
Ira Thomas
Woodie Thornton
Joe Tinker - Bat Off Shoulder
Joe Tinker - Bat On Shoulder
Joe Tinker - Hands On Knees
Joe Tinker - Portrait
John Titus
Terry Turner
Bob Unglaub
Juan Violat - Viola
Rube Waddell - Portrait
Rube Waddell - Throwing
Heinie Wagner - Bat On Left Shoulder
Heinie Wagner - Bat On Right Shoulder
Honus Wagner
Bobby Wallace
Ed Walsh
Jack Warhop
Jake Weimer
James Westlake
Zack Wheat
Doc White - Pitching
Doc White - Portrait
Foley White - Houston
Jack White - Buffalo
Kaiser Wilhelm - Hands At Chest
Kaiser Wilhelm - With Bat
Ed Willett
Ed Willetts - Willett
Jimmy Williams
Vic Willis - Pittsburg
Vic Willis - Throwing
Vic Willis - With Bat
Owen Wilson
Hooks Wiltse - Pitching
Hooks Wiltse - Portrait, No Cap
Hooks Wiltse - Portrait, With Cap
Lucky Wright
Cy Young  - Glove Shows
Cy Young  - Bare Hand Shows
Cy Young  - Portrait
Irv Young - Minneapolis
Heinie Zimmerman

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