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1954 Topps/Bowman Time Capsule Collection

Updated: Jan 15

Fresh collections are still out there! Found a time capsule today. I was contacted by someone who found cards in a rather unique way, here's the story!

The women who reached out bought an older home in the early 1980s. Sometime after her daughter decided to take down some built in storage next to her bed. While removing it they discovered a false wall which was backing the unit. Turns out a kid in the 50s created a time capsule behind the unit. Included were year books, letters, comics, and baseball cards! There were about 30 1953 topps baseball, 80 1954 topps baseball, and 25 1954 bowman football. Highlights included an absolutely beauty Hank Aaron rookie. It's off center but the gloss and colors are amazing. Also a really nice Ernie Banks rookie, 54 Ted Williams, 53 Whitey Ford, 54 Reese, and 54 B Blanda rookie. It's interesting that a child included these as some of his prized possessions and sealed them away for 30 years!



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