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The Best Place To Sell Your Old Sports Cards (Near You)

Throwback Sports Cards Pays The Most For Your Vintage Baseball Card Collection

We are a private collecting company, and since we aren't buying to resell, we can pay more than card dealers.  We take the time to go through each card to ensure you maximize value

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A Card Shop Near You, No Matter Where You Live (We Travel To You!)

We are located in Canton, Michigan (48188), but willing to travel to you.  We regularly go on buying trips around Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.  We also travel to Canada for large deals.

Why Sell Your Cards With Throwback Sports Cards?

1. Built on Trust and Integrity 

Throwback Sports Cards was founded to connect with other collectors.  Whereas the goal of dealers and card shops is to make as much money as possible, our goal is to build relationships with fellow collectors and grow our collection.  We love hearing the stories and history of each collection.  It is our pledge to treat each client with fairness and honesty.  We strive to make sure you are comfortable selling your collection to us.  

2. Honest Appraisals 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out the value of your collection.  Unfortunately the hobby is full of dealers who look to take advantage of people.  At Throwback Sports Cards, we value our sellers and their collections.  With over 20 years of experience in the hobby, you can can feel comfortable knowing we will treat you and your collection with fairness and honesty.

3. Hobby Expert in Vintage and Pre-War Cards

Instead of knowing some about cards from all eras, we have elected to focus primarily on vintage cards (1900-69).  This allows us to be experts in cards from this era.  Having purchased hundreds of collections of Topps, Bowman, Goudey, Leaf, and Tobacco cards, you can trust that we understand the true value of your collection. 

4. We Pay the Most

Since we are a private collecting company with the sole focus of growing our collection, we can pay more than dealers and flippers. We take the time to review each card in your collection to identify short prints, errors, and high numbers to help you maximize value.  

5. Quick and Easy Payment 

We strive to make completing a deal as seamless as possible.  Payment can be provided as cash, PayPal, or check. 

6. Convenience: We Travel to You

Selling your cards to Throwback Sports Cards is easy.  We offer multiple routes to complete a deal, including meeting in person or through the mail.  For in person meetings, we can meet at location convenient for our seller. This can be your home or a public place you feel comfortable at (ex: police station). Large collections can be difficult to pack and and travel with.  In-home evaluations are suggested to provide adequate time and space to review all cards.  We regularly travel to purchase collections throughout the midwest including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Canada (Ontario).

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