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Do you have questions about the value of your baseball card collection or the selling process? Reach out today and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Free Baseball Card Appraisal

So you have decided you are ready to sell your card collection and you are ready to find out what the collection is worth. The next step is to have Throwback Sports Cards inspect your collection.  There are several different options to have this done.

Send Us Photos of Your Cards

The fastest and easiest way to obtain an approximate value is to send us some pictures. This can be done by using your phone and the images can either be texted to (734) 931-0461 or emailed to 

Schedule An Appointment

Reach out to schedule a 1-on-1 appointment for us to meet up and evaluate your collection.  We are willing to travel to a location convenient for you.  This could be at your home, a police station, coffee shop, ect.  Anywhere you feel comfortable can work to review a collection.  For larger collections it is typically easier to meet at our clients home, as the logistics of packing up a large amount of cards isn't always possible.

Appraisal Process

We will inspect the collection to determine what you have.  This includes looking for complete sets, key Hall of Famers, rookies, short prints, etc. We will then analyze the cards to determine condition and give current fair market estimates of the cards.  Values are determined by a variety of sources including recent auctions, eBay, and price guides.

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