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Michigan's Premier Buyer of Vintage Baseball Cards

Sell Us Your Vintage Sports Card Collection Today!

We Buy Vintage Baseball and Sports Trading Cards

Throwback Sports Cards is THE PLACE to sell your vintage baseball cards

Each collection has a history, and we want to hear the story!

We are looking to buy your 1900-1975 baseball, football, basketball and hockey sports card collection.  Vintage cards are our speciality, and we are always on the hunt for full collections, complete sets, rookies, hall of famers, raw and graded (PSA, SGC, or BVG), and unopened boxes.  Whether it's your childhood collection, cards you inherited from a family member, or a lifetime collection, we want to hear about it!

At Throwback Sports Cards, we value our sellers and their collections.  It can be difficult to part with and sell a collection which took a lifetime to build.  With over 20 years of experience in the hobby, you can can feel comfortable knowing we will treat you and your collection with fairness and honesty.  After all, we are collectors too!

What We Buy

Full Collections
Complete Sets
Hall of Famers
Raw and Graded
Unopened Boxes

Brands We Buy

Play Ball

Players of Interest

Ty Cobb
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Mickey Mantle
Hank Aaron
Willie Mays
Jackie Robinson

How To Sell Your Baseball Cards

So you have decided to sell your baseball or sports card collection?  We make selling your cards easy.  All it takes is 3 steps to get a free appraisal from our expert with over 20 years in the hobby.

Share Your Story

Reach out via phone, text, or email. We love connecting with other collectors, learning about their baseball or sports card collections, and hearing their stories

Show Us Your Collection

Send us pictures and/or a list of the highlights of your collection. Be sure to note any complete sets,"Star" cards, rookies, and unopened boxes

Free Appraisal And Offer

After we evaluate your collection, an appraisal and fair offer will be made.  Values are determined by a variety of sources including recent auctions, eBay, and price guides. No one in the hobby pays more!

Other tips for selling your collection

Research Your Cards

Important Info To Note About Your Collection

Before reaching out it is helpful to figure out what you have. Providing us with information like the brand, years, players, and quantity of cards can help us provide a more accurate appraisal

Need help figuring out what what brand and years your cards are from? 


Welcome To
Throwback Sports Cards

Founded by a private collector with the sole purpose of connecting with sellers.  We have been collecting for 20+ years and are always looking to add more vintage sports cards to our collection.  Hearing the history and story behind each collection is just as much fun as owning the cards.

What Is My Collection Worth? Do My Cards Have Value? How Do I Sell My Trading Cards?

These are questions we are asked regularly by our clients.  Value depends on many factors, such as condition, centering, registration, and rarity.  We provide free appraisals so you know what to expect when you decide to sell.

Michigan's Premier Buyer of Vintage Sports Cards 

Baseball Card Shop Near You

Throwback Sports Cards is your local baseball card shop.  We are located in Canton, Michigan but travel to buy collections.  It doesn't matter if you are in Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, or Chicago, we will meet at a location convenient for you!

We specialize in any and all pre-1975 vintage sports cards including full collections, complete sets, rookies, Hall of Famers, pre-war, tobacco, gum cards, postcards, and unopened boxes. 

No one in the hobby pays more! Reach out for a free appraisal today!

Canton, Michigan 48188

(734) 931-0461

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