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Buying Process


Fairness and Honesty

When buying collections, we try to be as fair and honest as possible. It can be difficult to sell a collection which took years to build.  We make that process easy so you feel comfortable and satisfied when completing a deal with us

Buying Process

1. Reach out to us through phone, text, email, facebook, or instagram

2. Include pictures and a list of the "highlights" of the collection.  When it comes to cards, condition is everything.  Clear pictures help us better determine the condition and value

3.  After some research, we will contact you with a free appraisal of your collection.  A fair offer will also be included. 

4.  When you accept our offer, an appointment can be scheduled for local collections.  We can travel to you to complete a cash deal. If meeting in person is not possible, we will coordinate packaging, insuring, and shipping your collection to us. Upon receiving, payment will be sent via Paypal, Venmo, or check. We strive to make getting paid quick and hassle free.

Buying Process: Collection

Contact Information

Canton, MI

(734) 931-0461

Thanks for submitting!

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